National Legal Center

Our Commitment

At National Legal Center, we believe that diversity, in terms of people, perspectives and experiences – can create more innovative solutions and greater contributions from everyone.
As our workforce grows to reflect the greater diversity of the world in which we live, our efforts to value differences and build a culture of inclusion become increasingly essential to our success and that of our clients.

Please take notice that we have received reports of a telephone scam where individuals claim to be collecting on a debt in our name. We are not nor have we ever been a debt collection agency. This firm has no relationship with these imposters.

If you have any doubt as to whether you are being called by a legitimate employee of this firm please call us at 1.800.728.5285.

We are a consumer rights law firm. We protect people who have fallen in difficult financial situations, we do not harass or threaten. Please be aware that telephone scams happen and it is better never to give your personal financial information to anyone you do not know over the telephone.

National Legal

Also known as National Legal Systems, and National Legal Center, is a civil practice law firm with its primary office located in New Hampshire. National Legal Center serves a wide range of clients. The law firm employs attorneys in about 38 states.

The firm’s principle and founding attorneys, Rosanna Fox and Arthur Kohler, are dedicated to providing excellent legal representation at a reasonable cost to the individuals and businesses they represent. The firm has maintained an outstanding reputation by providing superior legal services to its many clients. The lawyers of National Legal Center represent their clients aggressively, compassionately, and ethically.

Areas of practice include Debt Resolution, FDCPA Enforcement, Consumer and Debtor Rights, Bankruptcy Alternatives, Elder Law, and Credit Correction Legal Services. Supervising Attorney, Arthur Kohler, has been practicing law for over 40 years.

Attorney Fox and Attorney Kohler, along with associates and affiliate attorneys have the experience, the knowledge, and the integrity to represent their clients in a competent, vigorous, and dignified manner.

Attorneys John Farrell, Arthur Kohler, Rosanna Fox, and Vincent McGraw, Managing Attorney Emeritus