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Over 40 years of combined experience in defending our clients' consumer rights

National Legal was built on forging relationships with clients in their time of need. The most effective legal representation is anchored in genuine compassion. We strive to provide an integrated experience not commonplace in a typical law office setting. Our clients have unique situations that often cause them a great deal of stress. We ease their worries by taking the time to listen and care, while fiercely protecting their rights through honest, strategic and, when needed, aggressive representation.

Please take notice that we have received reports of a telephone scam where individuals claim to be collecting on a debt in our name. We are not nor have we ever been a debt collection agency. This firm has no relationship with these imposters.

If you have any doubt as to whether you are being called by a legitimate employee of this firm please call us at 1.800.728.5285.

We are a consumer rights law firm. We protect people who have fallen in difficult financial situations, we do not harass or threaten. Please be aware that telephone scams happen and it is better never to give your personal financial information to anyone you do not know over the telephone.

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